Hey FRS Followers! Here is this week’s Featured Shows!

                                             The West Indies

Looking to unwind after a long Monday? The West Indies is the show for you! With host Rachel Grant, The West Indies has been on WCVF 88.9 for 3 semesters now. This show features new college radio Indie Rock, old Indie Rock with some electronic music too. Rachel is very chill and laid back on air and her show is super relaxing to listen to.

Rachel says The West Indies is “a sonic experience for the whole family to enjoy”

Show runs Monday’s from 9-11p.m. on WCVF 88.9!

                                         An Hour of Zen

 If you’re looking for your weekly blues and classic rock fix, An Hour of Zen is the show from you. Playing everything from classics from the 60s and 70s, funk, soul, and even more modern music, host Zenon Maciejewski has the ability to entertain any audience.  Zen joined our station back when he was a freshman through a friends suggestion and his show is still going strong four years later. He uses the station as a place to unwind and share his music with his listeners. Zen also loves the archives and plays a lot of vinyl during his shows.

Zen says “Tune into my show, your bound to hear something you like!”

Show runs Thursdays from 7-9.m. on WCVF & WDVL


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