Here is this week’s Featured Shows!

                                           High Noon Friday

High Noon Friday with your hosts Carl Lam and Meghan Devine is the coolest, longest running college radio show in the nation! This variety show has been running for 30 years now and is filled with segments from all different jocks around the station! The show consists of awesome interviews with highly acclaimed guests, neat weekly segments, and also Tommy’s Tidbits!

 Show runs Friday’s at 12-1pm on WCVF 88.9 and WDVL 89.5!


                                      Untitled with Niall Olson


Looking for something different? Untittled with Niall Olson is the show for you. Being on air for two semesters now this show is filled with a variety of music you wouldn’t normally hear on the radio. Niall joined Fredonia Radio his freshman year by getting involved in our stations show “Lovercall” and he also started up a jazz show as well. During Untitled he play records from the station as well as some of his own.

Niall told us that “ College radio is the first filter for good music and I play what usually doesn’t get played.”

Show runs Thursdays from 9-10pm of WCVF 88.9 and WDVL 89.5!

To hear some past airings of Untitled click the link below, as well as many other shows our station has to offer!

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