Here’s This Week’s Featured Shows!

                                           The Local Lo-Down


The Local Lo-Down is a show whose goal is to promote local bands and artist in the Buffalo, Fredonia, and Rochester area. With hosts Alexis Ziccardi and Megan Lewandowski this show is all about supporting the local music scene. The show consists of all local music and live in studio performances in which Alexis interviews the bands.

 Do you what your music on The Local Lo-Down? Contact them at

 Show runs Wednesdays from 7-8pm on WCVF and WDVL


                                         Heather Radford


Here’s a show that’s all about the music! Heather’s show consists of music you wouldn’t normally here on our station. She fills her playlists with her favorites that she loves to share with her listeners! Heather isn’t on the microphone much during her show but she defiantly plays some awesome music! She has been apart of the station for two semesters now and really enjoys her hour of favorites.

Heather says “ My playlists are cohesive yet random, and I just love to play my music”.

 Show runs Mondays from 2-3pm on WCVF!

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